putting together a WE logo puzzle

Let's play with rocks

Geodes, to be specific. My dad was a geologist, and from him I learned to love rocks. My favorites: pyrites. Chrysocolla (kind of fitting since, according to mythology, this is the stone of communication.) But the touchstone for the transformation WE is going through now is the geode.

Geodes are created under significant duress—a collision of heat and pressure. And, BOOM! thunder eggs, as they are sometimes called, are born. On the outside you see a rough, some might say ugly, exterior. Only when you crack open a thunder egg do you see its inner beauty. And for me that is what transformation is about: bringing together two opposing forces to reveal something more.

And that is basically what we did this week at WE’s Unlikely Pairings event in NYC. Held in the beautiful Bouley Botanical, a LIVING event space lined with urban window gardens, Chef David Bouley curated a menu befitting our theme, for 22 of the most interesting, accomplished people—from a war correspondent who has been on the front lines to leaders working with startups and the most well-regarded fashion brands. What we all discovered throughout our many conversations is how seemingly unlikely pairings can open up new and unexpected opportunities. I can’t wait to see what these connections lead to.

Check out a few highlights from our dinner.

WE dinner highlights


September 28, 2015