Daniel Blank

Deputy General Manager, Head of Digital & Technology, Germany

Deputy General Manager, Head of Digital & Technology, Germany

What I do:

I integrate, moderate and (try to) innovate marketing communication. I generally do not mind too much about specific topics, channels, methods or stakeholders. And I do not accept borders between PR, marketing and advertising. In the end, it is about telling what you want others to know – in a way others want to pay attention to. Today, often that leads to choosing digital ways to tell your story.

Why I do what I do:

I love diversity! Not only in the tasks I tend to every day, but also in the people I get to work with, the insights I get into various industries and the challenges I have to face within my role. There are only few jobs that allow for such diversity – one is working in a communications agency.

My driving force:

I believe in the power of communication – in all directions. Bad or misguided communication can create misunderstanding, resulting in anything from issues with stakeholders to affected stock value or even a global political crisis. However, if done right, great communication can inspire your staff, attract new partners for a business or even solve a global political crisis.

When I’m not working:

When not in the office, I love spending time with my family, constantly find new home improvement projects, explore space in virtual reality, play the guitar or go hiking and fishing.