Corey Kalbfleisch

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

What I do

I’m one part steward, two parts strategist and a dash of computational spirit guide.

Working every day to make WE a great partner to do business with. Pushing the needle from strategic intent to business and financial value.

Mastering the grid. Turning over the boxes. Taming the data. Keeping track of what goes where, when, and to whom. Making the decisions that allow us to remain fiercely independent, self-funded and able to control our own destiny–all in the pursuit of win-win scenarios with you.

Why I love what I do

Playing at local levels and global scale. German tax returns. Multimarket contracts. International acquisition funding. Partner agreements. All before lunch.

My driving force

Reinvention is the name of the game. Spotting the changes, running the plays, zigging before they zag. It’s not really a Hail Mary when we know you’re going to catch it.

When I’m not working

I’m reading, running, cooking. Cheering on Seattle sports teams. After playing weekend farmer on Whidbey Island, I like kicking back and relaxing with a hops and barley malt over water with a twist of yeast. Brewed, not shaken.

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