Bianca Eichner

Vice President, Head of Health & General Manager, Germany

Vice President, Head of Health & General Manager, Germany
Idea Inventor

What do I do?
To put it simply, I listen. I listen to our clients and to our team members and I act accordingly. Communication is about the willingness to both listen and understand; I want to know where your pressure points are and what point it is you’re trying to make. I am firmly convinced that it is crucial to get the whole picture before starting the transformation of big ideas into seismic solutions. I want solutions that not only have impact but also deliver added value for clients, companies, partners, target groups, influencers and the whole team.

What I love
I love networking, meeting different people from all walks of lives, understanding their story, their ideas and how this develops into a solid working relationship. Communication excites me every day, let’s face it, no two days are ever the same in this role and that’s what keeps me on my toes. 

My driving force
Curiosity is my vice. I am a hunter and I continuously look for new ways to differentiate our clients and ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

I am proud
I am proud of my team and the company I work for. What we have achieved so far is remarkable and I’m excited to be a part of an ever growing agency.

When I’m not working
Spending time with friends and family recharges my batteries. To feed my love of music, I’ll head to the latest music bar and go to concerts all over Germany.

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